Why is it called a Smart Guitar?

We do not use the expression ‘Smart Guitar’ loosely. According to the scientific journal Engineered Biomimicry, ‘Smart structures may be considered to be a class of hybrid or composite structures that are capable of sensing and responding to a stimulus in a controllable and predictable way by the integration of various embedded smart materials or elements for sensing, actuation, autonomous power generation, signal processing, or any dedicated filtering task.”

In layman terms a ‘smart’ device is capable of sensing and responding to a stimulus. This is the essence of how the HyVibe System works: we are able to adjust the sound created by the actuators based on data gathered by our sensors.

But we take it a step further by adding Bluetooth connectivity, becoming a ‘smart, connected’ product. According to the Harvard Business Review: “Smart, connected products have three core elements: physical components, “smart” components, and connectivity components. Smart components amplify the capabilities and value of the physical components, while connectivity amplifies the capabilities and value of the smart components and enables some of them to exist outside the physical product itself. The result is a virtuous cycle of value improvement.”

Hence, the HyVibe System is truly a ‘smart, connected’ device, leading a new category of acoustic instruments.